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Even if it takes an eternity, he will make amends....

Angel has long since learned that earthquakes are usually not benign incidents, so when Doyle has a vision involving a seismic shift, everyone's guard goes up. Further investigation leads Angel to a group of Serpentene demons living locally as an affluent private community. These nouveau "monsters" are not evil in any way (other than the fact that they make their living as telemarketers) and have no discernible enemies -- so why, then, have they become the target of a clan of underground quake demons -- demons who have the ability to reduce living creatures to a pulverized mass in an instant?

Cordelia and Doyle are not sure the clients -- demon, albeit high-paying, that they arecan truly be trusted. But Angel finds that he has much in common with this particular brand of outsiders. After all, as he knows, there are degrees of evil and of innocence alike....

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Cyborg Jon Hundred faces the challenge of a lifetime. He must tunnel through a titanic mountain on the planet of Pellay before a computerized mining machine beats him to it. But can he who is only half-human conquer that which is all machine? From the author of "The Quicksilver Screen".

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In the far reaches of civilized space, an immense blue forest called the Indigo Wild is being logged for the strange force field its wood emits. In charge is logger Paul Banyan, whose tree chopping feats some fear will leave the forest bare--until the scientist Johnny Rainforest wages a war that could save all the trees...or destroy the entire planet.

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With the advent of IRTV--Infinite Range TV--humans can watch television from alternate realities, which seems harmless enough, until Virgil Jacobi discovers that someone in another dimension is using the technology to influence his world.

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It's viral. It's intelligent. It's spreading....

An organism from an alien world has linked with an artificial intelligence. The result: A true computerbug that hungers for flesh and blood. Now the bugs are loose. The infestation has begun....

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Don DeBrandt has published essays in the following anthologies:

all published by Benbella Books

"That About Wraps it up for Oolon Colluphid" is featured in Benbella's "The Best of Smart Pop" [volume 1], available for download in pdf form here.

 "Angelus Populi"


 "Firefly vs. the Tick"


 "His Dark Pharmaceuticals"


"That About Wraps it up for Oolon Colluphid"


 "Three Acts of the Beast"


Five Seasons of Angel

Finding Serenity

Navigating The Golden Compass

Anthology at the End of the Universe

King Kong is Back!

"Parallel Evolution"


 "Star Wars vs. Science"


 "What Have You Done with Spock's Brain?"

 UnauthorizedXMen  Star Wars on Trial  Boarding the Enterprise  

Short Stories written under the name Don DeBrandt:


"Brainframe Blues"; Horizons, Volume 13, #1, Fall 1991.

"Payback Tattoo"; Pulphouse #9, Fall 1990.

"The Hex Files"; The Anthology With No Name, Volume 1, 1999 Pinnacle Entertainment.

"Hellbent For Leather"; The Anthology With No Name, Volume 2, 1999 Pinnacle Entertainment.

"Playing The Game"; The Anthology With No Name, Volume 3, 1999 Pinnacle Entertainment.


Columns by Don DeBrandt:


"Surroundscape"; Backbone, January 2001.

"Humans Need Not Apply"; Backbone, March 2001.

"Market Survivor"; Backbone, May 2001.

"Don't Let This Happen to You"; Backbone, July 2001.

"I Know What You Want"; Backbone, September 2001.

"Exotic Skills"; Backbone, November 2001.


Comics by Don DeBrandt:


"There's No Place Like (X)"; Freeflight #2, June 1994.

"Dentist of the Damned"; Freeflight #6, April/May 1995.

"Doc Houdini"; 2099 Unlimited (sold but unpublished) Marvel Comics, 1995.

"A Rose by Any Other Name"; Spiderman 2099 (sold but unpublished) Marvel Comics, 1995.