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Author: Don


Dixie Lyle news

Hey, everyone--I have some Dixie Lyle writing news. My next Whiskey, Tango and Foxtrot mystery, PURRFECTLY DEAD, now has a tentative publishing date of May 2021. Quite a ways in the future, but I thought I would let people know. My publisher has read it and loves it, saying my fiction makes her "want to do a dance." High praise!

Farewell For Now

The Crossover is going on hiatus. These last two panels will be all you see for a while. So long and thanks for all the fish!

Happy New Year!

And now a word from the Iron Hand on the whole situation. See what it is at!

Happy Holidays!

A three page post-Christmas update, one day late due to the holiday. Liss reveals the fate of the book that Skworb has been searching for; see for yourself at!

Searching . . .

Skworb's search of Liss's ship doesn't turn up what he expects. See what he finds instead at!

A Day Late

This week's update is a day late, but it's five pages. Curious about Flabberghast the possessed flamingo? Learn more about his origins this week at!

Tractor Beam Ahoy

In this three page update, a puppet takes liberties with Liss's ship. See for yourself at!

An Unusual Twist

Something strange is going on with Makona . . . see for yourself at!

Skworb's dilemna

In this three page update, Skworb tries to get information from a hypnotized Apocalyx Go. See the result at!

Skworb's Finale

Skworb comes to the end of his tale . . . and we see the effect it's had on Apocalyx Go. Check it out at!