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Hat Trick

This week's update is mostly about Frank's hat. What can I say? It's no ordinary hat. See for yourself at!

A little trip to San LImbo

Time to change things up, with a look at what Liss's fence, Nick Fallen, is up to. And I gotta say, it doesn't look pleasant . . .get a little noirish with me in the city of San Limbo, in a five page update to the

Oh NO that robot does not look well

Time for another webcomic update! While Liss doorsteps her way to a rendezvous with Apocalyx Go in a Preality (whatever THAT is) all is not well with the thoughtbot recently inhabited by the lead singer of Dubious Abbatoir (the loudest rock band in existence). Well, nobody said joinriding was a safe way to get around the Anyverse. See the unfortunate results for yourself at and say Hi to Smilin' Stan if you see him--I miss that guy already.

Comic book geekery

I've committed fanfic once more. The Punisher poses a question to Batman: why doesn't he just kill that damned clown? Read Bruce Wayne's reply at Leave me a kudo if you like it.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Well, it's Wednesday again--funny how that seems to roll around every seven days or so. Probably just a coincidence. Anyway, the last week saw me bed-ridden with a terrible cold, which means . . . YOU GET AN UPDATE ANYWAY! Yes, I refuse to let a virus keep me from inflicting more webcomicness upon you all. Head on over to to find out why Liss looks like a weird monkey-frog thing--and it's not an illusion spell.

A Post Wherein I Impart Wisdom of a Timely Nature.

Aaaaaaaaah. That's the sigh of relief released after you've finally delivered something you've been laboring over for the past five years. Feels good. THE CROSSOVER is up and running, and I just posted the second update of four pages. Should be doing this like clockwork every Wednesday night for--well, however long it takes to tell this story, I guess. I've got a number of plotlines waiting in the wings, so we'll see. Today's installment features a bit more about the interdimensional rock star Apocalyx Go, and gets a little racy. By which I mean that sex is mentioned, and not racing. Go to to check it out, and feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!