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The Crossover


I'm late!

Whoops! Traveling this week, and forgot to post an update yesterday. The Iron Hand will never forgive me! And if you don't know who that is, see for yourself at!

The Offer

Alistair Skrooge makes Frank an offer he can't refuse--or can he? See his answer in this week's update of!

Incoming Transmission

Only three pages in this week's update, but they come with a reveal: the name of Liss's former master. See who finally shows up on the thoughtbot screen this week at!

Over 200 pages!

Five pages this week! As we cross the 200 page mark, Frank Innstone ruminates on his origins. See for yourself at!

Surprise Monday Post!

As I'm going camping, this week's update gets posted early. And what, exactly, are those Toolies building? See if you can figure it out at!


Introducing the bizarre, shapeshifting alien race known as Toolies! Protoplasm stretched over tinkertoy skeletons? And what are they building? See for yourself in this week's!

A New Player Enters

Somebody from Ozgard is also interested in the Prometheus Manuscript. Who is . . .the Great and Powerful Ozin? Find out in this week's installment of!

Doc Merlin, continued

Doc Merlin doesn't just want the Prometheus Manuscript--he wants it destroyed! See Frank's response in this week's update to!

Enter Doc Merlin

Who is Doc Merlin--and what does he want with the Prometheus Manuscript? Answers lie in this week's update of!

More Buster!

Liss's tale of Frank Innstone continues, as Frank gets a strange call on an even stranger phone. More Buster Keaton monstery strangeness unfolds in this week's update at!