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Author: Don


Doc Merlin, continued

Doc Merlin doesn't just want the Prometheus Manuscript--he wants it destroyed! See Frank's response in this week's update to!

Enter Doc Merlin

Who is Doc Merlin--and what does he want with the Prometheus Manuscript? Answers lie in this week's update of!

More Buster!

Liss's tale of Frank Innstone continues, as Frank gets a strange call on an even stranger phone. More Buster Keaton monstery strangeness unfolds in this week's update at!

Buster Frankenstein

Ever wondered what Buster Keaton would look like as Frankenstein? Well, wonder no more. This update introduces Frank Innstone, one-time member of the Brotherhood of the Thunderbolt, and his scheme to sell something he shouldn't have. Check it out at

The Bar at the Edge of Forever

In today's installment, Makona the shark puppet learns a little more about the mysterious bar Liss works out of. See for yourself at!

Flabberghast the Flamingo!

Sorry, this update is a day late and a page short--but what a three pages they are! Introducing Flabberghast the Flamingo--you don't know how long I've waited to use that phrase. Be Flabberghasted at, and tell 'em DD sent ya!


Apologies; today's update is being posted a little late. But well worth waiting for, as Liss and Makona discuss the finer points of being a puppet, and Apocalyx Go finds himself in a zero gravity stand-off (float-off?), armed with only a tropical bird. It's this week's installment of!

Drink Up

A five page update this week, as Liss and Makona hit the Crossover for a drink or two. Check it out at

Shark Hunt

This week's update sees Makona pursuing Liss; the chase takes them somewhere unexpected. Put your own eyeballs on it at!

Spring Madness!

Okay, I'm celebrating the first day of spring with a new update. How will Apocalyx Go deal with his new personal growth? By threatening it with firepower, of course. Check it out at