Welcome to the new Website!

Ain’t it all purty and stuff? Thanks very much to the amazing Travis Pennington for the great job he did. And now, let’s get this sucker rolling with my first blog post in a very long time.

Let’s start with some Good News, Bad News, shall we? The Good News is that Book Six of the Bloodhound Files, UNDEAD TO THE WORLD, is finished. The Bad News is, it looks like this is the final installment of TBF for the foreseeable future. Boo, I know.

But wait—there’s more Good News! I’ve just sold a brand-new series to St. Martin’s Press, and I’m hard at work on the first book. The series is called the WHISKY, TANGO AND FOXTROT MYSTERIES, and involves a team of paranormal sleuths that solve locked-room type mysteries. There’ll be lots of humor and the kind of banter you got in THE BLOODHOUND FILES, plus an interesting (and unique) take on the afterlife. Uh, afterlives.

Also, there will be monkeys.

Not just monkeys, either—all sorts of animals. You see, Whisky is the ghost of a dog, and Tango is a cat working on her seventh life. Foxtrot is the one who actually has to solve the crimes, but having a cat who speaks over three hundred animal languages (Okay, most of them are feline dialects) and a dog made of ectoplasm with access to a supernatural database of scents gives her some handy tools to work with. Too bad her day job is being the Gal Friday to an eccentric billionaire with a sprawling estate and a habit of inviting the most unusual people to stay with her.

And then there’s the pet graveyard next door . . .

No info yet on pub date for the first one, but I’ll keep you posted. Promise.